Our Mission & Beliefs


ESU 15, as a partner with our area schools and communities, will provide leadership and services to support the improvement of teaching and learning.

We Believe...

  • People are our most valued resource.

  • Students are the ultimate beneficiaries of our services.

  • Effective communication is key to the success of our organization.

  • In information-driven decision-making.

  • We need to collaborate and cooperate with our schools to help them determine their needs, and then to be responsive and accountable.

  • Professional growth for ESU 15 staff members is important in order to effectively lead and support our schools.

  • Our school districts' students, staff, parents, and communities shall have equitable access to services based on their needs.

  • Quality education is critical to the advancement of an ever-changing democratic society.

  • Quality education requires support, including personal dedication and the commitment of financial resources.